Banana Teething Biscotti – for teething bubs and tired mums!

What an adventurous day …. ( I say “adventurous”,  I mean exhausting ….) .

The toddler is teething – again – and nibbled on a grand total of one square of dry butter toast and one weatbix soaked in milk for the whole day – dear me.  Plenty of cuddles all around to end a trying day. 2013-02-06 12.08.37

Is it purely mothers instinct, do you think, that drives me insane with worry when the food wont go in , as if my child is going to fade away after a single skipped meal ? … I know its irrational, but it always feels that I as a mother have failed my dear boy – do we know of this – fellow mothers? – or is it my own struggles with eating disorders that cause this “paranoia” ?

But, alas, i still have a recipe to share and I swear by it for babies just weaning to toddlers and mummies alike. Its simple – simple recipe, simple taste – thus is perfect for teething babies and stressed out mums.

This biscotti has no sugar and very few ingredients, but its sweet enough for young taste buds and hard enough to help those new teeth come forth. Unlike expensive store brought rusks, I love that I know whats in these and I have made them since Noah was 6 months old (now 18 months) and he still takes them on as a treat “cook-eeey” , not a grain of sugar in sight.

Its all about training those taste buds, and before you give babies sugar, they don’t need the stuff.

2013-02-06 11.16.11

Banana Teething Biscotti 

– 1 ripe banana

– 1 T butter, marg or oil

– 1 egg

– dash of vanilla

– 1 C plain flour OR 

3/4 c plain flour and 1/4 c almond meal

– pinch of cinnamon, to taste

2013-02-06 10.14.35

Preheat your oven to 190 degrees C. Line a baking tray with baking paper or foil.

Mash up the banana with the egg and butter.  Gradually sift in the cinnamon and the flour , 1/2 C at a time, until you have a dough that comes together as a ball. Don’t go crazy, i stop when it is just dry enough to handle, though still a little sticky to touch (Never fear – there’s not

much handling involved). Today the banana i used was a large one, so I used about 1 C plain flour and 1/4 C almond meal – just use whatever you have on hand. Gone too far and becomes to dry? just add a T of water or milk to bring it back.

2013-02-06 10.14.44

With lightly floured hands, form this dough into small log on the baking sheet. Don’t be fu

ssy – just a nice lil rectangle slab will do nicely. Bang this in the oven for about 15 minutes until firm but not colored

Take the log out of the oven and turn it down to 120 degrees. Let your little log cool slightly

– and if you think its looking , well, like a bland heavy log ? Great!

2013-02-06 10.20.36

Slice the log into thin pieces with a serrated knife. Place these slices side by side on the baking tray and pop back in the oven for about 20 minutes until they are dried out and slightly colored. Keep in mind that they will harden further as they cool, so if they feel a little soft, don’t sweat!

I store mine straight into the freezer and take out as needed, that way they are chewing, cooling goodness.

Happy Teething!

2013-02-06 11.16.14


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