The Iron Boost recipe – Eureka!

How many articles have i read about Iron and toddlers – the Do’s, the Don’t and allllll those pamphlets – its enough to send a vegetarian Mother like myself on a red-meat-rampage, stuffing mincemeat down my sons throat at every turn! … That was until i found this Gold little recipe and started looking at new, fool-proof ways to boost iron and provide yummy snack’s and tummy fillers – my eureka! moment.  I bow in utter reverence to the genius who put this in the “Feeding Fussy Kids” cookbook.

Dried fruit, sesame and sunflower seeds are all sources of iron – maybe not so loud and proud as a juicy T-bone steak – but for small tummies and teeth they are an invaluable source as they’ll go into sweet baking and snacks to give a welcome boost where it’s needed most.

2013-02-09 15.50.37This recipe takes a little more prep than is usually to my liking, however it is tiny compared to the results and is still inexpensive – most importantly I can 100% vouch for the Magical power of these little cookies – a sweet snack and a iron boost AND a happy toddler ?  EUREKA!

They’re sweet with a nutty-ness and lovely crumbly texture that most little one’s will love – i still can’t believe how readily my fussy little mr gobbles them down then asks for more ‘cooogg-eee’s’ Come to think of it – if you have any pregnant friends – make them up a batch of these and they will love you for the iron boost!


Iron Booster Bikkies 

2013-02-10 11.40.48

2 T sesame seeds

2 T sunflower seeds

2 T oil

1/3 c butter

1/2 c raw sugar (I used dark sugar as its what i had on hand )

1 egg, beaten

1 C wholemeal self-raising flour

( I found wholemeal SR was hard to come by, so used 1 C plain wholemeal flour + 2 t baking powder)

2/3 C white self raising flour

1/2 t orange rind ( or lemon, worked great as a substitute)

50g dried apricots, chopped

50g dried peaches

( I used dates instead of dried peaches as I always have them in the pantry – I’m certain any dried fruit will step in nicely to suit tastes/availability)

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees. Line 2 baking trays with baking paper or foil.

spread your seeds out evenly over one baking tray and bake them until they are turning a little golden and smell divine- watch this stage carefully as they can go from raw to burnt in the blink of an eye! ( ask me how i know …..). You can even do this step in the microwave if you prefer, just again be careful that you check them often.

2013-02-10 10.21.12 Allow the seeds to cool a little before grinding them with a mortar and pestle ( if you don’t have one putting them inside a snap lock bag and smashing them with a rolling pin should do the trick.)  I wasn’t too fussy on the grinding leaving them roughly smashed – However, if you want a smooth texture, have any choking concerns with very young ones or just want an arm work out? – grind more.

Mix the seeds with the oil so you have a thick paste and set aside.

Using an electric beater, cream the butter and sugar until becomes light then beat in the egg.

To this add the flours, baking powder if using, seed paste, orange rind and dried fruit – Bring all together with a wooden spoon (or your fingers!) to from a smooth dough.

2013-02-10 10.47.53

Roll t’s of the mixture into balls and place on the baking trays, flattening slightly with the back of a spoon.

 ( I ended up with two trays and baked them one batch at a time, purely because i don’t trust my oven!)

Bake them for 15 minutes then turn over and bake for a further 5 minutes or slightly golden. Your oven, like mine, may still be hot from baking the seeds so keep an eye on them, checking the bottoms for readiness and turning over as soon as they are browning on their bums – my last batch took about 10 minutes.

Leave them on the tray for 5 minutes to become firm before cooling completely on a wire rack.

2013-02-10 11.40.58

Now enjoy the pure bliss of being able to give your little one a treat without the guilt and with an INJECTION OF IRON! Yipeeeee! 

QUICK NOTE – I promised a hummus recipe and it’s coming, I just adore and treasure this hummus and need some photos – promise to get the little man into a batch tomorrow and  have posted asap!

happy day to all. xx


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