FAST toddler FOOD

We’ve all made or eaten French toast before – this is a kids spin that allows you to add a nutritious spread and forget the sugar. A lunch that gives bread, protein and healthy fats  in about 10 minutes (and even with minimal dishes) Yus. 

Today was my little babies first afternoon at daycare, what a heart wrenching experience. While i cried the whole way home and spent the afternoon bleaching the house and sniveling … the little man shed not a tear and loved every moment. Who’s mothering who here ?   I mention this as now i am all about fast, filling lunches. I used to let him luxuriantly graze over a platter of sandwiches and fruit whenever it suited him in the afternoon – those days are goneImage

Its so important to get a good lunch into him before a good 4 1/2 hours full noise play, but to be there on time he has to eat the stuff – Quick! In comes Eggy Bread!  add to that the hummus , sent from toddler-gods, waiting in your fridge, as dippy toddler treat that you can serve alongside, and there muust be something good on those tanks to keep ’em burning.

Nutty Eggy Bread 

( one toddler serve)

– Butter or oil, for cooking

– wholemeal bread (or whatever bread strikes your fancy)

– Peanut butter, to spread – or your choice of spread such as yeast spread, sugar-free jam etc

– 1 egg

– splash of milk

whisk up the egg with just a little milk. I don’t like to add much milk so there is more egg in each piece of toast – but let your own preferences guide you here.

Spread your bread with peanut butter (or spread of choice) and de-crust. Heat the butter or oil in a pan. Dip the bread in the egg mixture to coat then drop into the pan. Cook for a few minutes then flip and cook until nice and golden.


Cut into fingers, or fun shapes, or little mouthfuls – whatever brand of fusspot you have under your wing!  I served this with a little bit of tomato sauce – but would go great with plain yogurt, cottage cheese, even maple syrup for a Sunday brunch treat.

Now, this hummus is super-yummy-quick and I swear by it black and blue for babies and toddlers. Chickpeas are so good – and pack a great nutritional punch when stacked against some of those creamy dips and spreads. Hide vege’s in it – pumpkin hummus, tomato hummus, nutty hummus – all easy and superb.

STOP buying it from the store! Its so much healthier and cheaper to do a large batch yourself and pop it in the fridge. Once your sold on homemade hummus, you shall not go back!

Heaven sent Hummus

– 400g can chickpeas drained
– 1 T Tahini (it seems a little expensive but really strong so it will last forever – in health section of supermarket, feel free to use a couple T’s of peanut butter instead – it does take away some of that “hummus” taste but still good for littlie’s)

– small clove garlic, I use 1/2 t garlic paste

– 2T lemon juice (or vinegar)
– about 4 T oil, enough to get nice and smooth

blend all together

 add a little water if you need to get smoother


pop it in a jar or container and store in the fridge a good 2 weeks. It does freeze, might just need a good stir up once defrosted. I pop a blob on a plate with some fruit and veg near by and let him dip everything and his fingers in and lick it all off.

good enough for adults although you could add a little cumin and more garlic 🙂
I used 1/2 C cooked pumpkin last time and its turned out awesome. Ive also done it with roasted and blended red capsicum  YUUUM  and even sundried tomatoes and cashew nuts.

the uses for this hummus are endless …

– in sandwiches (great with celery for crunch)

– as a dipper with vege’s, fruit, crackers

– with potato wedges or crumbed chicken instead of tomato sauce

– stuffed potato filling

happy SPEEDY lunching mummies!


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