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  Toddlers and vegetables can sometimes be a reluctant marriage – and as many mothers out there would agree, much time and energy can be spent dealing with their “cold feet” as carrot and broccoli tree’s go flying through the air.   However, I can promise to give you two little…

FAST toddler FOOD

FAST toddler FOOD

We’ve all made or eaten French toast before – this is a kids spin that allows you to add a nutritious spread and forget the sugar. A lunch that gives bread, protein and healthy fats  in about 10 minutes (and even with minimal dishes) Yus.  Today was my little babies first afternoon at daycare, what a heart … Continue reading

Inspiration for the kitchen madness

This wild creature is my lovely son Noah, who’s food battles prompted my journey into healthy but yummy recipes. With an always firm view that we as humans don’t need processed sugars and the like until we start eating them and confusing our digestive systems, i am determined to keep his diet full of “Real” … Continue reading