Pumpkin soup with Punch

Pumpkin soup with Punch

This recipe got me out of one of those weeks where Mr Grizzles had come out to play, and nothing seemed good enough to keep him seated for a meal. Thrown into a “omg he has got to eat SOMETHING” frenzy, I turned to soup and found this Gold recipe that is so much more … Continue reading

Beaut banana and peanut butter cookies

Beaut banana and peanut butter cookies – click here to go to the website 🙂 These cookies are Gold! I made them for my little fuss-pot a few days ago, using watties baby cereal and apple instead of the oats and a little less sugar, and I’ve never seen him finish a whole cookie and reach … Continue reading

Inspiration for the kitchen madness

This wild creature is my lovely son Noah, who’s food battles prompted my journey into healthy but yummy recipes. With an always firm view that we as humans don’t need processed sugars and the like until we start eating them and confusing our digestive systems, i am determined to keep his diet full of “Real” … Continue reading